Control your website performance is a must-have today

Monitoring cloud 24X7

Companies throughout the world now managed most of their strategic business with the help of web-based services hosted on private or public Clouds in the world. Business continuity with your end-customers or partners, brand recognition and efficient Google referencing are just a few examples of vital activities requiring good wed-based services performance.

Availability and performance of the company websites are not guaranteed. There is a drastic need for simple and agnostic monitoring and control services, accessible to any type of business, via any type of device, for free or at a very low cost!

Today, Cloud services monitoring is not easily accessible to non-technical management such as CEOs, COOs, and CMOs who need simple and consistent information about their end- user experience while being informed real time of any website performance issue or downtime.

In fact, it is vital for CxOs to align the quality of their website services with their own enterprise business needs and drive a fair relationship with their Cloud service provider.

This is our mission:

Keep Cloud services easier to control starting today through a 24x7 web performance monitoring, real-time alarming and uptime measurement

Our solution:

Allow performance monitoring - real-time dashboards and up to one year of reporting of your website’s performance and uptime

Offers a service available to anyone with pricings model ranging from a free version to one costing only a few tens of dollars per month

Is a Cloud-based service for Cloud services

Can be shared by all the company stakeholders: executives, marketing, and technical

Is a true standalone and independent solution – nothing to install or configure. It works on its own

Can be available everywhere through mobile integration