Website monitoring from the internet, free and unlimited, Nagios plugin available

Hybrid monitoring from the internet using Nagios

We offer you to monitor your websites for free, without limitation. We will measure the availability and performance of all your sites. You'll receive notifications by e-mail if a problem occurs and a weekly reporting.

Registration is fast, a first site to monitor and email address are enough to enroll in two minutes. You can go to our website from any PC, tablet or smartphone, or use our extension to Google Chrome directly from your Google Chrome browser.

It also works with Nagios!

You can connect your Nagios corporate to our services via the Nagios plugin

It's simple, you just have to:

Set up sites to monitor from our website after creating your account

Retrieve the API key available in the My Account tab when connected

Install Nagios plugin and copy / paste the API Key

Your websites are now monitored from our Paris datacenter based on your management console Nagios.