Floral Park Rovers

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<h2>Rovers Soccer</h2>
<h2>Upcoming Events Mark Your Calendars!</h2>
<h2>Soccer TournamentJanuary 14, 2018East Meadow NY</h2>
<h2>World Cup RosterJanuary 14, 2018</h2>
<h2>2017-18 Rovers Schedule</h2>
<h2>Rovers Finish 4-5-1November 19, 2017 | by Coach Frank</h2>
<h2>Coach Bek's FocusNovember , 2017 | by Coach Bek</h2>
<h2>follow us!</h2>
<h2>Official Rovers GearExclusive Rovers Soccer Custom Apparel Store</h2>
<h2>Custom Items For Sale</h2>
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